M.S. in Data Science and Business Analytics
August 2021 - Present
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Charlotte, North Carolina

I am currently attending this program as a way to supplement my current skills as a full-stack software developer with abilities to incorporate advanced data science models and build highly data-oriented solutions.

I hope to build useful AI models using data in the energy generation domain.

My favorite courses:

  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing for Data Analysis
  • Visual Analytics and Storytelling
  • Big Data Analytics for Competitive Advantage
B.S. in Business Information Technology
August 2015 - May 2019
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Blacksburg, Virginia

I attended this program to become a well-rounded software developer. Prior to attending, I had self-taught myself Java to build server applications for the video games I played at the time. While I was at Virginia Tech, I had a very diverse education that prepared me to become a full-stack software developer.

One of the most important courses I took was on object-oriented design and analysis.

My favorite courses:

  • Object Oriented Design & Analysis
  • Business Analysis Seminar in IT
  • Web-Based Decision Support Systems
  • Database Management and Design
  • Project Management